About Me

Proud mother of two vegan kiddos. I've been vegan for over a decade with a serious cookbook collection addiction. Recently, my claim to fame is that I won the VegNews Holiday Cookie contest,. I feel extremely honored they chose my submission.

My current job is taking care of my family, and also as an assistance ECFE (early childhood family education) teacher. In a prior life I worked in environmental services.

What I enjoy doing most are: spending time with my family and friends, photography, reading, spending time outdoors, volunteering, birding, and blogging. I went to school for conservation biology, so I try to incorporate it into our daily lives.

My hope is this blog will serve as a resource to other vegans and vegan families, as well as allergen-free recipe seekers. While there are many recipes, there are also kid-friendly activities, parenting advice, and how to make homemade items.

Veganism becomes more mainstream as more and more people encounter it. Many friends, family, and acquaintances ask about recipes, and it always with a sense of pride that I direct them here. These are the recipes I've tested, and recommend to others. I hope you enjoy them!