Wednesday, August 18, 2010

End of the Sabbatical

Sorry for disappearing for so long. It had been a busy summer, and we've had a continuous string of things happen. It started with our 1 year old in a cast two weeks, a death in the family, a visit to Children's ER, and then two weeks of high fevers. It seems we have a break for now, and I'm hoping it lasts.
I've missed sharing some things, so I'll spend this week catching up on our summer shenanigans. We celebrated our son's 3rd birthday in June and here is a picture of him enjoying the cake we made for him.

Last year he had a digger cake, and this year he was still very much into construction machines. He wanted a construction site cake. We were able re-use decorations from last year it worked out well. Here is a closer picture of the cake.

It was a combination of two types of cake. One side is marble with vanilla frosting in between, and the second half is white chocolate cake with raspberry filling.

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  1. I'd like a slice from each side, please! That's ridiculously cute!