Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sea Snax Product Review (Gluten Free)

When Vegcuts contacted me about reviewing Sea Snax's food, I was very excited. My kiddos eat snacks every afternoon, and it is fun to try new options. It is affectionately nicknamed mermaid food in our house.

The taste testing began, and resulted in two happy kids begging for more. My son ended up making a seaweed "sandwich" out of a bunch of sheets. He ate an entire package in one sitting.

Now before you go crying foul and excess for chowing down an entire package, check out the nutritional facts on this healthy treat. A package of the sheets is no more than 16 calories per container/serving, and 60 calories for a bag of sprinkles. At first I was concerned they'd be high in sodium, but no more than 3% of your daily recommended amount.

The best part is they contain minerals and vitamins which are nutritional for you. This includes B vitamins, calcium and iron.

My spouse's favorite was the :Chipotle" flavored. The boy liked the "Classic Olive" kind. The girl chose the "Seaweed Sprinkles," as the one she liked best. I loved the "Toasty Onion" seasoned one.

If you are looking for where you can find Sea Snax, check out their "Where to Buy" page summary. They also have a lot of fantastic vegan recipes on their site. You should give this tasty, "grab and go" snack a try. They are delicious!