Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vegan Pizza Day

We're looking forward to participating in Vegan Pizza Day. I haven't decided whether we'll use it as an excuse to go out to eat or if we will make our own.

I'm not going to lie, when I began the steps towards becoming vegan, I saved cheese as the last non-vegan item to eliminate from my diet. That was over a decade ago, and boy has vegan cheese options improved leaps and bounds since then.

I'm about to commit blasphemy in the vegan blogosphere. Our family likes Cheezly better than, well if your vegan you know what cheese I'm referring to. There I said it. While Daiya seems to be a front-runner for many vegans, I've found that it really depends on what I'm making what brand of cheese I use.

Daiya is perfect for pizza, since it melts well and has the texture of cheese. My skeptical sister has deemed pizza we ordered at ZPizza with Daiya as tasty. Whenever we make english muffin or bagel pizzas, Tofutti slices are our cheese of choice. They fit perfectly and melt well.

When looking for more developed, strong flavor, we like to use Sheese Smoked Cheddar. In casseroles or calzones, we prefer Cheezly. In my humble opinion Cheezly really comes the closest to "cheese" taste if that is what you seek. My non-vegan family members like to eat it plain, as do we. I appreciate a cheese that stands alone for taste.

There are a couple of types of cheese that we haven't tried yet, that I am looking forward to testing out. The first is Dr. Cow's cheese made from a variety of nuts. These sound like they'd be great with crackers. The other brand is Teese. They've recently released a new product, vegan mozzarella sticks, which I am excited to try. Vegan Essentials keeps selling out of them so fast!


These are among our favorites, what are yours? Any you recommend trying?


  1. Cheese was a tough one to give up, but when I noticed how much better I felt, it helped me not miss it so much. I like Vegan Rella a lot--their cheddar flavor is amazing! Teese is on my list to try. It's great that vegan cheeses actually taste good--otherwise, there would be tons of meals I couldn't make!

  2. It's always the most fun to make your own pizza. ;)

  3. We haven't tried Vegan Rella, I will add that to our list. Thanks for passing it along.