Sunday, January 27, 2013

Edible Star Wars Cupcakes with Toppers

My hubby and I made these for my son's 6th birthday, and I must say these are my favorite ones we've done yet. Both of us are big Star Wars geeks. Happily our son appears to be following in our footsteps.

These bad boys were made out of vegan fondant. I prefer Satin Ice, as it actually tastes good. While I know it may seem daunting to work with it, really all it takes is some simple tips or video tutorials. Toppers like these were made using cookie cutters, so it is no more challenging than making/decorating sugar cookies.

Earlier in the week, I cut out the basic shapes using colored fondant and Star Wars cookie cutters. In order to minimize the amount of food dye used for the black ones, I did them in chocolate fondant. It was my first time working with chocolate fondant, and my oh my! It tastes just like a brownie. I *highly* recommend it.

Let the toppers harden uncovered while you are adding the details using frosting, edible markers and/or a silver glaze. The cookie cutters have the detailing on them, and would still look fantastic without the added embellishments.

Helpful tip: let them harden or wait until closer to party time to put them on the cupcakes. The frosting softens them up and they will begin to curl downward.


  1. These look fun...and I voted for ya! :)

  2. Cool! That’s right, pass down to your son the Star Wars geeky tradition. Now, where are the batch of cupcakes? You said these toppers taste like brownies. I love brownies, but I don’t think I can eat these beloved characters even in their brownie form. =) Jason, La Patisserie

    1. Jason, Thanks! I made chocolate cupcakes using the crazy/wacky cake recipe. You can find it here:

      Both my son and daughter love Star Wars, indoctrination complete :-)