Monday, September 1, 2014

Vegan Mofo 2014

Pffft, blowing the dust off of my blog. Vegan Mofo is perfect motivator to finally get back to it!

I'm not busy or anything now. My youngest is going off to full day Kindergarten *tears*, helping plan a Twin Cities Veg Fest, networking to find a job, volunteering at my local nature center, and signing up as a room mom, but hey why not?

Even though I've been MIA, my ideas have been percolating for some time. Hopefully I can actually retrieve said ideas.

For now, here is a top notch dinner my other half and I had this weekend, on an actual adult date to celebrate our 11th anniversary. We went to Evergreen Chinese Restaurant, where we always go. It is delicious and you just can't go wrong there. Without further adieu:

Appetizer Fried Tofu

 Vegan Wonton Soup

Sesame Noodles

 Kung Pao Tofu

For Mofo I chose the theme of "Back to School/Fall," but for my family this time of year always starts out with our anniversary. Fall quickly follows, and the delicious recipes with apples, pumpkin, and cinnamon. Mmmmm, Happy Mofoing!


  1. Thanks! It is good to be back. Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with this year.