Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Vegan Powdered Donuts!

For the first time in over ten years my hubby and I had the pleasure of eating powdered donuts. We made cinnamon sugar donuts as well. They were pretty good. I am still working on the recipe since this was our first attempts, so it isn't ready to share yet. It was still sinfully delicious, and makes my mouth water just thinking about them. The kids liked them as well and kept requesting more. Here are some pictures. Mmmmm!

We used an electric donut maker we purchased online here. It worked pretty well, but took a few test tries to get it right with the correct amount of dough and oiling the pan. The recipe provided with the donut maker did not work well veganized, so I don't recommend that option. Once we've got a perfected recipe to share I'll post it.

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