Friday, December 4, 2009

Vegkins Family Group

For a little more than a year I've been organizing Vegkins Family monthly meetings for vegan and vegetarian families. The Animal Right Coalition (ARC) started it and supports it. In the summer we met at parks for play dates. We've also visited the Como Conservatory, an apple orchard, and dinner at Evergreen Chinese Restaurant. Soon we'll do a music class together and a potluck. If you are interested in this group check us out Facebook by searching for Vegkins.

My family has found it helpful to discuss things about vegan parenting. The part we like best is for Elliott and Evelyn to have some fellow vegan playmates. Right now Elliott is starting to learn that we eat differently and once Evelyn is older she will start to realize that too. It is nice to learn how other families deal with different situations, and go to other vegan birthday parties!

If you don't have a group where you live, try connecting up with a local animal rights group to support and recruit putting together a group.

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  1. We are so glad to have Vegkins group. Thank you for organizing. Speaking of birthday parties, Liam turns 1 in January. We haven't pinned down time or place yet but will likely be the weekend of the 23rd. Hope you all can make it.