Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Homemade Vegan Halloween Candy

This year we had a Halloween Party for our kids. Last year we were too busy having just had Evelyn a little more than three weeks before Halloween. It was with great enthusiasm I started to plan the treats for the party. After my first try at making candy last Easter, I decided to make some again for the party.

First I ordered some molds and then made a peanut butter filling. Using a double boiler I melted the chocolate to start making the candy.

Next I coated the mold with a layer of chocolate. To speed things along, I put it in the freezer for a couple minutes. After it hardened, I added a layer of peanut butter filling. Lastly, I added the back layer of chocolate to the mold. Here is what they look like before the last step.

Once they were all done I wrapped them in foil, so they were ready for the party. Elliott loved them. I think they were his favorite Halloween candy.

Along with peanut butter filled pumpkins, I also made solid chocolate bats, solid white chocolate ghost suckers, and chocolate/white chocolate acorns with a maple filling. We will definitely do this again next year, but on a much smaller scale. If these are around they are eaten in unhealthy quantities. I guess that pretty much sums up Halloween though right?


  1. Yum, have to admit stole a couple from Anna's treat bag (she doesn't know the difference yet) and they were awesome. May I suggest scaling up instead of down-you'd have a market here in St. Paul. (:

  2. What wonderful candy. I have been thinking homemade candy would be fun, but how hard it is to do the peanut butter cups?

  3. It isn't too hard, but it isn't a 15 minute project. I bought 2 molds at Michael's, so I could always be painting cups while the others were hardening in the freezer.

    They are so good, and you can also buy foils at Michael's to wrap them in for holidays. My kids love them, but I do have to make them close to the event or I eat too many :-)

  4. how do you make the vegan white chocolates?!?!

  5. I just melt down vegan white chocolate chips. If you can't find any, Vegan Noms Noms has a recipe on how to make your own.

    Hope this helps!

  6. cool! thank you, celeste! i have yet to find vegan white choc. chips anywhere near me! :)

  7. I haven't had much success making vegan chocolates at home. The chocolates start to separate and turn whitish after a few hours (sometimes it takes as long as a day). My understanding is that this is because I haven't tempered the chocolates. How do you get around this complicated step, and have you ever had that happen?