Saturday, January 2, 2010

Vegan Fondue

Here are some pictures of our New Years Eve fondue night. It was pretty darn tasty, and the kids got a kick out of it. Next year we will probably just skip the broth. Deep fried veggies are delicious (not much of a surprise there). As you can see Elliott enjoyed the food quite a bit.

Here is a picture of the bread dipped in cheese. We used the Leahey's sauce mix for this. It worked pretty well, and the kids love this cheese sauce.

As you can see, fondue with toddlers sometimes requires a one-handed approach.

For dessert we dipped bananas and Dandies marshmallows in chocolate. Mmmmm!

All in all it was a fun way to incorporate the kids in the New Years Festivities. We also had a bottle of sparkling cider, which Elliott could not get enough. He does not drink soda, but he definitely enjoyed the bubbles in his juice. Happy New Year!

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