Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Decorating Easter Eggs Vegan Style

Above are the wooden Easter eggs the kids painted this year. Evelyn did the two on the left and Elliott the three on the right. I really wish that I had thought to take a picture of the kids after they were done painting. Evelyn was covered from head to foot! It would have been a cute photo.

When I was growing up it was tradition to dye Easter eggs. It was something I really enjoyed, and wanted to do with my own kids in some fashion (vegan of course). After thinking upon it awhile, I drummed up a few ideas to satisfy my nostalgia. First was making paper mache eggs and decorating them. Once I imagined doing this with a toddler, I nixed the idea, and then shelved it for farther down the road. I then happened upon a painted wooden Easter egg, and realized this would be a simple alternative for our family to try.

I researched online for wooden eggs, and decided on ones with a flat bottom so they would stand up. Last year was our first time trying it out and my craft-phobic son loved it! He sat coloring the eggs with markers for a good twenty minutes. Not too shabby for a 2 year old.

Update: I've seen wooden, plastic, and paper mache options at Michaels craft stores. You could probably find vegan alternatives then.

Elliott last year working diligently on his Easter eggs.

Here he is this year at it again. Finally an art project that lasts longer than a minute!

Evelyn was able to join in on the fun and here is her first shot at it.

Our plan is to do this each year until our kids grow up. When they move out to start their own families, we'll send these along for their first Easter decorations. In the meantime, they are out on display for our children to touch, view, and admire. There is nothing sweeter than the proud face of an accomplished little artist!


  1. Sounds fun. I hope to adopt this idea. Where did you get the wooden eggs?

  2. The company I ordered these from is called American Woodscarfters Supply in Riceville, IA.


  3. That is an AWESOME idea. I love it!