Monday, November 8, 2010

Vegan Mofo Dinner: Burritos and Enchiladas

Mondays always seem to be a hectic day for meals, so we usually go for simple. Anything with refried beans is usually a hit with the kids. Their favorite type is black beans. Mama and daddy appreciate the simplicity of the meal.

Items Used for Meal:
1) Can of Organic Refried Beans ($1.59, Seward Co-op)

2) Organic Tortillas (*$2.00, Seward Co-op)

3) Avocados ($1.50, Trader Joe's)*

4) Organic Tomato ($1.00, Seward Co-op)

5) Mango ($1.29, Trader Joe's)*

6) Organic Red Onion, ($.0.50, Trader Joe's)

7) Organic Rice and Quinoa ($1.50, Trader Joe's)*

8) Cheezly ($3.00, Vegan Essentials)

Total Time Spent Making Meal: 15 minutes

Total Cost of Meal for Family of Four: $ 12.34 or $3.10 per person

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